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shopmontreal's Journal

i'm not rich, i'm just a materialist.
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Boys and girls, welcome to the first community entirely dedicated to shopping in Montreal.
Clothing, accessories, footwear, art, furniture, good eats, anything you are looking for or went for.

We are down with ;
  • Pictures of your latest finds (UNDER A CUT)
  • News on store openings
  • Appreciation on stores
  • Questions about locating a store
  • Questions about locating a product
  • Français !

    We very much don’t like ;
  • Bad grammar
  • Community advertising
  • Selling / swapping (try this instead)
  • Anything else not related to Montreal shops

    Introduction posts are enjoyable.
    (We might just add you, although membership is moderated)

    Bon shopping,
    annstarlett & lavalerie