valérie. (lavalerie) wrote in shopmontreal,

recent purchases

finds from la braderie ;

brown skirt from bodybag
Image hosted by

grey skirt from dubuc
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

very dark red skirt with black fishnet on top from dubuc
Image hosted by

other random skirts;

dark blue from jacob
Image hosted by

hippie purple from a brand i usually hate but hey it was only 20bucks (roxy)
Image hosted by

ballerina like from le chateau
Image hosted by

jeans from naf naf
Image hosted by

grey from le chateau
Image hosted by

a girl can't own too many skirts.

now my new boots from aldo ;
Image hosted by

comments are apreciated.

valerie, who spends way too much money.

  • forever21 in canada! and 20% discount because they've just opened!

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    anything similar to forever21 in montreal?

  • h&m

    the first montreal h&m store opened last week at fairview pointe-claire. the centre rockland store opens tomorrow. quelqu'un y a fait un p'tit tour…

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